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Why going through a real estate agency to sell your property?

Are you thinking of selling your property and wondering what you can gain by entrusting it to an estate agency ? There are many reasons for doing so: saving time, estimating the right price or targeting potential buyers. Relying on sound advice and taking advantage of comprehensive support can make all the difference in facilitating the sale of your property.

Why going through a real estate agency to sell your property?

Discover in this article all the advantages of an estate agency for the sale of your property and the reasons why an agency is highly recommended for this stage.

An assessment of the fair selling price

When an individual wants to sell or buy a property, he or she can handle the sale himself or herself or use the services of an estate agent. The expertise of a real estate broker enables the right price to be set and a strong sales strategy to be established. He masters all the stages of a real estate transaction and advises you at every stage. His knowledge of the real estate market to analyse and compare your property to the market gives him the necessary tools to define an objective value for it.

It is difficult to evaluate and determine the value of your property yourself when you have had work done and your flat or house has an emotional value. This is why the broker will be able to better evaluate its real value according to the real selling prices, its condition and its location.

Targeted and wider dissemination of your sales advertisement

In the agency, real estate professionals take care to promote your property for sale with ads on highly targeted sites that benefit from significant visibility. Many potential buyers consult them. The agency takes care of creating clear and precise advertisements with professional images in order to allow future buyers to project themselves further.

If you prepare the offer yourself, the risk is that it will quickly become a tedious and sometimes even expensive operation. With the help of an estate agent, your advertisement will be published on these websites, on the agency’s website and possibly communication material such as flyers or leaflets can be prepared for potentially interested owners.

A simplified process between seller and buyer

Indeed, selling one’s property requires a great deal of availability, as one must manage calls, requests and visits with future buyers. In an agency, the broker acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer and takes charge of the negotiation phases, which can very quickly turn out to be delicate. The broker will take care of communicating to you in good time the offers that may be interesting for you.

The broker supervises the relationship between the two parties to ensure that everyone’s interests are met and to facilitate the transaction by going your way. He negotiates the sale of the property on your behalf and then facilitates the exchanges with the notary or the lawyer.

A secure and simplified transaction

When you want to sell your property, it is sometimes difficult to provide all the necessary documents. There are many things to consider: adapting the price to the conditions of sale, checking the compulsory information, complying with the withdrawal period, but above all selecting the best offer. These different points can be complex, which is why having the support of a real estate broker during the sale process is reassuring and a guarantee that the law on real estate transactions will be respected.

The broker ensures the proper execution of the entire sale process, whether it be for :

  • Organising visits with potential buyers and chasing them up
  • Negotiating the price and conditions according to your criteria
  • Establishing a climate of trust to meet all the demands of potential buyers
  • Obtaining offers to buy

    In short, entrusting the sale of your property to an estate agency allows you to be more serene and to save time in this important stage of life that is the sale of your home.

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by  Clara Peray