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We make your aims our own

The strength of a slogan based on trust is accentuated even more when a team of passionate professionals takes care of managing your property.

Increasing the value of your real estate, maximizing your profitability and continuous lease management, covering the careful selection of the tenant, and the negotiation of the lease with the best possible terms: these are the results of a personalized service based on trust.

This trust is conveyed day after day by the work of professionals with expert knowledge in all management aspects, guaranteeing the owner complete transparency and perpetuation of their real estate.

An in-depth knowledge of the market, a vast network and considerable experience make us the ideal partner for you.

Our rental properties

Feel safe in entrusting the management of your condominium

Giving co-owners added value is one of our priorities.
From this point of view, we are offering you:

  • Transparent management guaranteed by separate accounting and an individual bank account for each building with an establishment in Geneva.
  • Presentation and clarity of administrative and technical information thanks to simple communication in conflict management, presentation of the accounts and annual reports.
  • Optimization of operating costs, as well as anticipation of cost control.
  • Immediate and permanent availability.

Entrust the management of your property

An expert eye cast over your property

Uniqueness is one of the main characteristics of real estate. It is what makes for the complexity of a valuation. Real estate experts recognized by various banking institutions, we have been establishing our expertise for over 20 years.

Why should you have your property valued?


An estimation may be required by either the buyer or the seller.
Price is the common denominator for both parties:

  • For the seller, a fair value allows for a transaction in accordance with standard practice: quick and effective.
  • For the buyer, the guarantee that they are buying at the right price.


Banks and insurance companies turn to experts in order to assess an asset to be financed. An estimation allows the file to be consolidated and supports the decision for granting mortgages.

Project development

Real estate is a multidisciplinary art and project development is one such example. Mastering legal, technical and economic aspects is fundamental in order to assess a project.

What kind of things can I get valued? What kind of properties do we value?

Owned accommodation

Condominiums, as well as detached or semi-detached houses, are an integral part of owned accommodation. An in-depth knowledge of the local market is required in order to be able to accurately value the property.

Investment properties

Assets valued by private and institutional investors, investment properties may correspond with properties destined for housing, business or DDP independent and permanent surface rights (commercial, artisanal, administrative).


Undeveloped land constitutes a recoverable asset, whether it is building or agricultural land.

What methods are used?

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) estimation

Evaluation discounted cash flow (DCF)
The DCF method is a dynamic valuation method. It deduces the value of a property “from the sum of future cash flows calculated over different periods”. It allows for different factors affecting the value of the property to be taken into account, such as inflation, the real estate price index, future work and the potential increase in rents.

Valuation method suitable for an investment property

Value obtained by capitalizing actual revenue or that estimated by the expert, according to the market or the law, by means of a capitalization rate.
Valuation method suitable for owned accommodation and investment properties.

Estimation of actual value

The actual value represents the intrinsic value of the property, indicating the value of the buildings with their dilapidation and obsolescence, adding secondary costs and the value of the land.
Valuation method suitable for owned occupation, an investment property or a building plot.

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A relationship based on trust

During a sale or a property search, we guide buyers and sellers in a completely personalized way.
The global nature of our services draws on a solid experience as well as an in-depth knowledge of a constantly evolving market.

You want to sell your property:
Services available to you:

  • Fair price valuation
  • Personalized support
  • Large network of buyers


You want to buy a property:
Services available to you:

  • Negotiations with the seller of the real estate
  • Buying advice
  • Legal and financial advice