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Warming up at home without touching your heating

The cold has set in well Switzerland over the last few days. The confederation’s recommendations for saving energy state that living rooms should not be heated above 20°C if we do not want to experience a general blackout. If you are shivering at home, we suggest a few solutions for warming up without touching your heating.

Warming up at home without touching your heating

Is it cool in your flat despite the heating set at 20°C? Are you considering investing in an electric heater? Please do not do this, these appliances consume a lot of electricity and in addition, it would increase your bills. There are plenty of other ways to warm up:

Cook to heat your home

If you like to cook or you want to try out a new recipe, now is the time to get cooking! Indeed, the heat produced by your kitchen appliances will increase the temperature of your interiors.

Close unused rooms

There is no need to let the heat escape into rooms where you are not present. Close the doors to avoid this. This way, the heat will not dissipate. In addition, you will prevent draughts.


Adopt a cosy atmosphere

When the evenings are cool, create a cosy atmosphere in your home. Lighting candles will warm up the room a bit. A warm plaid to accompany you in front of a good movie will help you enjoy it even more. And if that is not enough, make yourself a nice cup of tea.

Insulate your floors

It is a well-known fact that the heat in a room is lost through the floors. To remedy this, still in a cosy spirit, install a thick carpet to insulate your floors. This covering will help to maintain the temperature.

Use a hot water bottle

During period of extreme cold, or if you are someone who is sensitive to cold, a good hot water bottle will allow you to warm up without heating. Place it in your bed before you go to sleep and you will find the sheets nice and warm.

Install thick curtains

To keep the heat in your home, install thick curtains. Remember to open them during the day if your flat is exposed to the sun and close them at night, as they will keep the heat in.

We hope these tips will help you feel warm in your home.  

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by  Les Regisseurs