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Les Régisseurs are committed to the climate!

As part of our environmental awareness campaign, we are fighting global warming by partnering with Almighty Tree to plant one tree per lease signed.

Les Régisseurs are committed to the climate!

Almighty Tree contributes to sustainable forest management by offering tree-planting services for individuals and companies in Switzerland who wish to take concrete action to reduce and offset their CO2 emissions. They have implemented a technology that makes tree planting more transparent and traceable. Thanks to this method, we can follow the location of the trees planted, via their website.

What is their mission?

Raising awareness and providing solutions to reduce the impact of individuals and companies to build a better world and create the forests of the future.

Why this collaboration?

We are committed to climate protection, which is why we have decided to cooperate with Almighty Tree and are now an eco-partner.

In order to participate in the design of this sustainable future, we commit ourselves to planting a tree when we sign a lease.

How does it work?

Since the end of October, each time a family moves into a home (with at least one child living in the household), an oak or a maple tree is planted.

Our trees were planted in the commune of Cartigny in Geneva.

By accessing our page on the Almighty Tree website, tenants have access to the following information about the tree that was planted when they signed their lease: its geolocation and species.

Trees will continue to be planted under the same conditions throughout 2023 and we hope to continue this action for many years to come.

What are the benefits of tree planting in Switzerland?

  • Air filtration (CO2)
  • Water filtration
  • Preservation and enrichment of biodiversity
  • Climate regulation
  • Well-being of the local population due to their anti-stress effects
  • Support for local farmers and forest owners

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by  Josephine