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3 reasons to go for a connected home

Thanks to innovations and progress in home automation, the connected home is attracting more and more people. A connected house is a 2.0 house where intelligence is used for security, comfort, but also for energy saving.

3 reasons to go for a connected home

Finally, what is home automation and what is its role? Home automation refers to all the solutions that allow you to control and automate the use of equipment in your home. We can also say that home automation gathers technologies in the field of electronics and information, intended to make your home intelligent. Are you wondering what the main advantages of a connected home are? Would you like to be able to control certain objects in your home from your smartphone? In this article, you will find all the reasons to adopt home automation in your daily life!

The connected home for security

In terms of security, home automation allows you to control all the devices to protect your home with different alarm or surveillance systems centrally.

A connected home allows you, for example, to protect yourself from intruders by programming the lights to come on when you are away, by triggering an alarm remotely or by closing doors or windows. You can also rely on remote surveillance to keep an eye on your home 24 hours a day.

Adopting a smart home also allows you to effectively prevent fire by installing connected smoke detectors that alert you in real time on your smartphone so you can act as quickly as possible. Motion sensors can also be activated and record all images for you to view simultaneously.

In short, home automation ensures effective protection of your home, and all this without having to be at home!

Better management of energy savings

Living in a connected house also means saving energy thanks to the programming and remote control of numerous appliances for better management of your energy consumption.

By installing automated devices in your home, you can save time and money. For example, you can automate the temperature control by programming the opening or closing of shutters to keep warm in winter or stay cool in summer by programming the use of your air conditioning.

When you leave your home, the management of the lights in your house can also be programmed to switch off completely, without forgetting the appliances left on standby.

In short, less wasted energy and a more controlled budget!

Living comfort that makes a difference

The connected home optimises your daily well-being. Technology allows you to automate certain tasks and to benefit from significant time savings in your daily life.

It greatly improves the lives of people with reduced mobility, the elderly and children. Fall sensors, remote control of lights, easier handling of certain equipment or even voice recognition are all possibilities to improve their daily life.

Centralizing the control of domestic equipment makes your daily life easier by giving you the possibility to manage a lighting system and program the lights to come on or off at a precise time according to your needs and habits.

Thus, home automation gives you the possibility to keep a permanent control of your home without always having to be physically there. We can say that adopting a connected home means comfort on all levels!

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by  Clara Peray