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How to save water in your household?

After the heatwaves we have been through those last weeks, the state of drought has been declared. That’s why we are sharing with you some tips that will help you save water in your household.

How to save water in your household?

In the kitchen

To avoid using too much water in the kitchen, use the dishwasher instead of washing  by hand. Wait until it is full before starting it, otherwise it won’t be very useful. Another tip to avoid using too much water is to wash your fruits and vegetables by collecting water instead of letting the sink run. For example, you can place a basin in your shower to catch the water while you wait for it to warm up and reuse it when you cook.

Doing your laundry

To wash your clothes without using too much liquid, use your washing machine’s economy programs. As for the dishwasher, fill your machine well before starting it. And finally, there is no need to pre-wash your clothes, it turned out that it was not very useful.

In the garden

Prefer rain to water your plants. Collect it with a bucket or something else that you will place in the right place during showers. Also, if you have a garden it is not necessary to water your lawn except in case of drought.

Avoid waste

Avoiding unnecessary water use is very simple! First of all, remember to turn off the tap when you wash your hands and brush your teeth.
If you want to make a cup of tea or something else, heat only the amount of water you need.
And of course, if you have leaky faucets, fix them.

To reduce your water use, you can also choose to take showers rather than baths. Be careful not to spend too much time on it, otherwise you will use just as many liters.

An advice for not wasting the precious blue gold, install a flow restrictor on your faucets and shower pipes. It is a small washer that will allow you to reduce your consumption by almost half, that you can easily assemble yourself and that can be found in stores.

With these few tips will make it easier for you to save water and maybe even lower your bill a bit.

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by  Josephine