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What to do in case of a pest invasion?

Are you a victim of a pest invasion or have you noticed their presence in your home? Ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, rodents and other pests are common. Nevertheless, there are several ways to prevent their presence and to limit their multiplication.

What to do in case of a pest invasion?

1. Crawling and flying insects

Insects are the main type of pest that can be found in your home; they enter easily and can hide in the smallest corners of your rooms. There are, however, a few tips that will make your home less prone to their multiplication.

First, pay attention to the general hygiene of your home. Disinfect the different surfaces regularly, avoid the accumulation of food in your cupboards and place the opened packages in hermetic boxes.

Most crawling insects like humidity, so if the humidity level in your home exceeds 60%, consider ventilating more often. Find all our tips to fight against humidity problems in your home here.

In summer, and especially when you return from a trip, be aware of bed bugs. These insects particularly like the proximity of humans, on whom they feed during the night. They usually slip into luggage and spread as soon as they arrive in your home. To avoid this inconvenience, we advise you not to place your luggage in your room or near your couch after you return. When you leave on a trip, take a sealed bag to put your dirty laundry in and wash it as soon as you return. If you suspect the presence of these pests, wash your clothes at the maximum temperature indicated on the label and place delicate textiles in the freezer for at least 3 days.

Finally, if you buy second-hand objects or furniture, carefully check their condition before bringing them into your home. Larvae, droppings and small traces of blood can indicate the presence of bed bugs.

2 Rodents, birds and others

In the city as in the country, the presence of pests can quickly become annoying. In addition to material damage, they can sometimes cause health problems due to the diseases they carry.

There are some easy things to do that will limit the presence of these undesirable pests. First, avoid deliberately throwing food out of your windows, even crumbs from your lunch. This will instantly attract a few animals, which will quickly become more numerous over time.

Be sure to dispose of your waste properly in the containers provided for this purpose, an accumulation of garbage bags and trash is a source of odor pollution for you, but is a real appeal for rats, mice, pigeons, etc..

When it comes to basements, it is important to protect the things you store there and to be careful not to overcrowd them. When temperatures drop in the fall, various rodents will seek to nest in places like basements and cellars.

Finally, regarding your home, also pay attention to hygiene.  Make sure your rooms are not cluttered with furniture and various objects; they will make perfect places for all types of pests.

In any case, if you have noticed the presence of pests in your home, contact your régie directly, in order to act as soon as possible. Most often the growth of pest colonies is exponential, by acting quickly, you multiply your chances of being rid of them easily. Don’t forget that disinfestation interventions must be carried out by professionals.

For any information request, do not hesitate to contact our teams, who are at your disposal at 022 787 50 00 or by e-mail info@regisseurs.ch

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by  Victoria Blondeau