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5 things to know before selling your property

You want to sell your property but you don’t know exactly how to proceed? Our experts answer 5 questions people ask themselves when selling their property.

5 things to know before selling your property

Why commission a broker?

The broker is a qualified professional who knows the real estate market better than anyone else. He is therefore the best able to defend the interests of his clients and ensure a fast transaction at the best price. The broker’s role will also consist in establishing an effective commercial strategy in order to enhance the value of his clients’ property. Our team of brokers works regularly with the marketing department to develop the best possible promotional strategy and help you selling your property.

What is an appraisal?

At les Régisseurs we offer two types of expertise, the first is an expertise in a few clicks on our website. Thanks to our software, you can benefit from a free estimate of your property. The result is however indicative and does not replace the work of a broker. It allows to give a price range which will then be refined by the work of a real estate expert.

The second method of expertise consists in visiting the property in question and providing, following this visit, a complete file of estimate. This expertise is the most precise, it allows us to provide our client with a qualitative and quantitative view of his property.

The estimation file includes comments on the general condition of the property as well as on the materials used. A mark is then attributed to the property, which enables it to be compared with similar offers on the market. This allows us to establish a market value and a performance value with precise figures.

How to maximize your profit?

To maximize your profit, it is necessary to have your property in the hands of professionals who know the market perfectly. It is also recommended to entrust your property under exclusive mandate. The exclusive mandate allows you to have a single contact person and avoid having your property offered by several agencies. A property that is visible in several agencies could give the impression that the seller is in a hurry or that the property is difficult to sell.

Is it necessary to undertake work in order to sell?

There is no need to undertake work in the hope of selling your property more quickly. This idea is even to be banned because we would tend to re-impact the cost of the work on the selling price. Moreover, the work done may not correspond to the needs of potential buyers. We therefore recommend leaving the choice of work to the future buyer.

What does the usual sales process look like?

First, we meet the client and try to understand his objective and expectations. Then, we propose him to make a valuation of his property in order to know precisely its value. Following this first meeting, we proceed to the signature of the management mandate (exclusive or not). We prepare the sale file and we publish the advertisement on various websites and/or real estate magazines.

In the second phase, we arrange meetings with the various interested parties to show them the property and collect the potential offers. We then pass on the possible offers to the seller and if one of them is retained, an appointment is agreed with the notary for the signature. It will then be a question of defining the type of sale, either a direct sale or a forward sale.

Following the signature of the sale contract, we proceed to hand over the keys to the new owner.

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by  Victoria Blondeau