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Burglaries: Tips to protect your home

Are you planning to go on holiday or leave and wondering how to protect your home? We offer you some easy-to-apply tips to prevent break-ins and burglaries.

Burglaries: Tips to protect your home

1 Lock the access points

Make sure that all doors and windows are properly closed when you go out, even for a few minutes. While this recommendation may seem obvious, it is important to check every opening. Keep in mind that even a tilted window can be easily opened.

2 Protect your belongings

Do not keep valuable belongings or important documents at home. Prefer storing them in a bank safe.

3 Maintain good relationships with the neighbourhood

Maintain good relations with your neighbourhood. If you can trust your neighbours, don’t hesitate to inform them discreetly of your absences. So if they hear noise or see light when you are away from home, they may think of a burglary and react. In addition, think of asking them to pick up your mail if you are away for a long time, a full mailbox can be a good indicator for burglars who are on the lookout.

4 Beware of indiscretions

Do not openly reveal a prolonged absence, a word on the door or an automatic message on your answering machine can easily work against you. Also, do not publish real-time photos of your holidays on social networks. These are accessible proof of your absence.

5 Accumulate tricks and obstacles

Simulate your presence, especially in winter when night falls early. This is the period in which the number of burglaries is on the rise again You can install a timer that will turn on the lights in selected rooms for a specific period. Motion detectors that activate lights around your home have also a good deterrent effect.

6 Get help

Seek advice from the police and security experts. They will help you identify security loopholes in your home and put in place effective burglary prevention measures.

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by  Victoria Blondeau