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How to rent a property ?

You want to become a tenant but you don’t know exactly how the process of renting a property works? Find all our advice to rent more serenely.

How to rent a property ?

1 Identify your needs

If you start looking for a home, you must first define your search criteria. Location is crucial, so if you’re moving to a city you don’t know, make sure you know about the different neighbourhoods. In addition to information on the general atmosphere and amenities, you will know what style of building you will find. In other words, if you’re looking for a modern property, don’t go to the historic centre of a city.

You will then have to choose the type of property that best suits you. Do you prefer to rent an apartment or a house? First floor or penthouse? On one floor or on two floors? With or without garden or balcony?

Then define the surface area and the number of rooms you need, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms or more? Would you like an open kitchen or separate from the living room? Do you prefer a bathtub or a shower?

By refining your search, you will determine an approximate budget for the property you are looking for.

2 Increase your chances

Do not hesitate to visit real estate portals such as Immobilier.ch. This type of platform generally offers a wide variety of properties managed by local real estate agencies. In addition, you can set up alerts to receive a notification when a property that corresponds to you is posted online.

You can also consult the available properties by going to the website of the different agencies.

Finally, the specialized press and social networks can also help you find properties. Do not hesitate to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to find all our news and available properties.

3 Organize your visit

When making an appointment for a visit, do not forget to provide all the information about the property you are interested in (address, number of rooms) in order to target your needs as well as possible.

On the D-day, make sure you arrive at the indicated time in order to avoid being overtaken by other potential candidates. We recommend that you come accompanied for a visit, so that you have a second opinion and a point of view different from your own.

Before entering the building look for the presence of a digicode or a passotel, they will guarantee you a better security.

Then inspect the common areas of the building, are they well maintained? Are the mailboxes in good condition? Does the building have an elevator? If it is a house, think about going around it by looking at its general state and its environment. Does it have a secure gate?  Are the trees well groomed?  Is there enough space for your vehicle?

4 Visiting the property

Even if you have seen pictures and know you like it, take the time to go beyond your first impression.

Are the floors and walls in good condition? Is the temperature pleasant? Is there any humidity? Is there enough light?

Also check the condition of the household appliances, if any, and the sanitary facilities (toilet, shower, bathtub, sink). Also remember to open and close windows, shutters and blinds to check their condition.

Finally, make sure that the furniture you have, or plan to acquire, is suitable for the surface of the rooms.

5 Preparing your application

You are now sure that this accommodation is for you and you wish to submit your application to rent it out.

The régie will send you a list of the documents you need to provide for your file (this information often appears on the registration forms). First, make sure that your income is sufficient to pay the rent and if this is not the case, ask one of your relatives to act as guarantor for you.

Make sure that you submit your complete file to the régie, an incomplete file cannot be processed.  On the other hand, a complete and well-presented file can work in your favour when the property is allocated. If the accommodation you are interested in is very coveted, you can add a short note explaining your motivations. A personalized file will sensitize the person in charge of the property you wish to rent; he/she will thus be more able to defend your file to the owner.

6 The assignment of the property and signing of the lease

If the accommodation is assigned to you, the Régie will contact you and send you a list of steps to follow. Once these steps have been completed, you will be able to make an appointment to sign the lease contract.

The day of the signature of your lease contract, do not forget to come accompanied by your potential guarantor or roommate.

Finally, don’t rush and take the time to read and understand each clause of the contract before signing it. 

You are now a tenant of a property, find all our tips in the News section.

by  Victoria Blondeau