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How to freshen your accommodation during a heat wave?

Are you suffering when there is heat wave? We all know the inconveniences that this implies. Do not panic, There are several easy maneuvers to freshen your housing.

How to freshen your accommodation during a heat wave?

Ventilate your lodging

When the thermometer climbs, think to ventilate during the night. You can also do it during the day, but in this case, it is better to favour short vents (20 minutes maximum). To put an end to stuffy rooms, encourage air currents, open the doors.

Close the blinds

During the day, remember to close your shutters, blinds or curtains. If not, the sun will shine on your windows, the heat will increase and it will be difficult to bring it back down.

Avoid using your oven or hotplates

When you are using your oven or your hotplates, the temperature is increasing. To avoid it, use them as little as possible. Choose raw vegetables, salads or any other type of cold dish for your meals. If you really have to use them, use your extractor hood to reduce hot air.

Green up your home

Another tip to cool down your interior a bit, go green. Due to evapotranspiration, plants refresh the atmosphere. This is achieved through their leaves, this is why, it is better to choose vegetation that have large ones.

Do-it-yourself home air conditioner

If you don’t have an air conditioner at your place, you can easily make your own. For that, you need a frozen bottle of water. Place it in front of your fan running and enjoy the fresh air !

Humidify your apartment

To refresh your interior place humid towels at your windows and your doors. Make sure they are moistened with cold water, if not it won’t work correctly. Remember to spray water on it from time to time. You can also mop the floor in rooms with tiles. It will intensify the humidity of the air and lower the temperature thanks to the phenomenon of evaporation.

Turn off electrical devices

Electrical devices emit a lot of heat, even in sleep mode, to avoid overheating turn them off completely. Your refrigerator also warms your home a lot, so it does not happen, close your kitchen door. 

With these tips, you can enjoy a cool summer. Also remember to stay well hydrated.

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by  Victoria Blondeau