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David Mamane, broker

“Helping our clients through such an important step as buying or selling a home is an honour for me ” D. Mamane – broker

David Mamane, broker

How long have you been working with Les Régisseurs?

After a Bachelor’s degree in Banking & Finance and several internships in financial institutions, I decided to focus on real estate. I had the chance to join the team of the Régisseurs 9 months ago as a broker.

What does this job mean to you?

This job represents a great opportunity for me, even if I do not have a real estate background. My studies in the financial sector allow me to have a different approach to the brokerage profession. Indeed, real estate and finance are two closely related fields and the fact that I have specific knowledge of finance allows me to better advise my clients and understand the market.

However, the job of a broker is not just about analysing figures and trends, I organise my entire activity around the follow-up of my clients. It is an honour for me to accompany them in such an important step as buying or selling a home. I take my job very seriously and my main objective is to maintain an unshakeable trusting relationship between my clients and me.

What is your favourite aspect of your job?

I like the diversity of the broker’ profession, and the fact that you always have to be on the lookout for the best opportunities. Research and monitoring work is an essential part of my schedule.

However, the most exciting thing for me is to be able to take part in field research with a view to launching our first promotion projects. During such projects we collaborate with many professionals (architects, investors, lawyers,) we discover new aspects of the real estate sector; it’s an opportunity to learn constantly.

What is the working tool you could not do without?

I would say it is my phone, it allows me to maintain almost permanent contact with my clients. They regularly contact me on weekends or evenings for advice or when they have questions. Being able to make myself available and letting them know that they can count on me is very important, it is the basis of a trustworthy relationship.

Personal profile

What inspires you? My main source of inspiration is to deliver the best possible service, to surpass myself and to reach new goals. This means growing with the company I work for. My interest in real estate and my great devotion allow me to fully invest myself and participate in the development of the Régisseurs’ brokerage department.

Where does your interest in real estate come from? I think I’ve always been attracted to real estate, firstly thanks to my father who, for several years, worked in the real estate sector in a bank and secondly thanks to my sister, an interior designer with whom I talk a lot.

As a Broker, what is the most important room in the house to you? I would say that the two rooms on which buyers focus the most are the kitchen and the living room. These are the two rooms in which they are going to be sharing the most time, so they have to match their expectations perfectly.

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by  Victoria Blondeau