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Ana Papuc, assistant receptionist

“Seeing people happy when they leave our office is my greatest pride.” A. Papuc – assistant receptionist

Ana Papuc, assistant receptionist

How long have you been working with Les Régisseurs?

I joined les Régisseurs almost a year ago as an assistant receptionist. After studying philology, I decided to give a new direction to my professional life. I followed a secretarial training and then I had the opportunity to work for les Régisseurs.

What does this job mean to you?

This job was a challenge at the beginning, I was not familiar with the world of real estate agencies and I had never worked as a receptionist before. I had a lot to learn but my good mood and thirst for knowledge allowed me to get my bearings. My colleagues were also a great support during my integration and I learned a lot from them.

Today the situation has changed and my job represents for me a real opportunity to help people in their search for accommodation but also to learn every day because my tasks are very varied.

What is your favourite aspect of your job?

The job of a receptionist is heterogeneous and I enjoy every aspect of it. I like to receive our current and future renters, but also owners, suppliers etc. I do everything possible to offer the best possible service to our visitors and to help them.

If there is one thing I don’t particularly appreciate in my work it is sometimes having to announce bad news. For example, calling people interested in accommodation to tell them that their application has not been selected. It is very difficult for me because it is very hard for me to leave someone unsatisfied. In these cases, we do everything possible to offer them another property that corresponds to their requirements.

What is the working tool you could not do without?

My two indispensable work tools are my phone and my computer. I am the first point of contact for the régie, so I often have to answer the phone and transmit information to my colleagues by e-mail.

What inspires you?

In private life my children are my main source of happiness and motivation. In professional life it is the fact that I can be useful, that I can help people who need it. Seeing people happy when they leave our office is my greatest pride.

If you were a room in the house, which one would you be?

In the summer I would be the garden, when the sunny days come back I spend most of my time outside. To play with my children, to spend time with my friends, to garden, to have meals. We can do everything outside!

In winter I would be the living room, it’s the room where I spend the most time with my family, it’s a place to exchange, play, share; we are sure to have a good time there.

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by  Victoria Blondeau