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All about the inventory of fixtures

The inventory of fixtures is an essential stage in the rental of a property. First, it allows the owner and the real estate agency to ensure that the property is in good condition. It also allows the tenant to move into a functional flat that has been regularly checked.

All about the inventory of fixtures

There are 3 types of inventory of fixtures:

The entry inventory of fixtures (contractual)

This takes place when the keys are delivered to a new tenant. It assures the incoming tenant that the property they are renting has no damage caused by previous tenants. During the initial inspection, the technical manager will carry out a complete and detailed visit of each room. He will possibly photograph the various elements to have proof of their condition. Defects will be recorded on the report, so that professionals can be commissioned to remedy the problems found.

The preliminary inventory of fixtures

Our agency schedules this visit upon receipt of a lease cancellation. This is a report that only takes a few minutes and allows us to get an idea of the condition of a property, before the departure of a current tenant. The technical manager will look at the condition of the walls, floors and sanitary appliances. Following this visit, he will be able to draw up a report that will allow the outgoing tenant to carry out any work that may be required. But also to inform the owner of the work that needs to be done in order to re-let the property.

The exit inventory of fixtures (contractual)

takes place at the time of the tenant’s departure and when the keys of the property are handed over. Its purpose is to check that any reservations announced during the preliminary inventory of fixtures, which are the responsibility of the outgoing tenant, have been carried out. It allows the technical manager to check points to which he did not have access previously, notably because of the furniture.

To facilitate the transmission of information and to save paper, we have created a tablet version of the inventory of fixtures. This module allows the tenant to have his report by connecting to his tenant account. He can also consult or download it at any time. The photos taken by the technical manager will also be available for consultation on the report.

If you have any further questions about this subject, please do not hesitate to contact our rental department on 022 787 50 00 or by e-mail locations@regisseurs.ch

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by  Victoria Blondeau