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Accounting FAQ

Rent, heating account, financial difficulties… Our experts answer your most frequent questions in this accounting FAQ!

Accounting FAQ

Why did I receive a reminder?

If you have paid your rent for the current month, but a few days later, you receive a reminder, the causes can be varied. There are three possible reasons: 

– You have set up a standing order.

In this situation, you must ensure that the amount in your bank account is sufficient to execute the standing order. Note that if the execution is not possible on the given day, the order will not be executed until the following month.

Our advice: leave about two or three days between the date your salary is paid and the date your standing order is executed. This way, if you ever face with a delay in the payment of your salary, you will have more leeway.

– You make a transfer by e banking or by postal payment form.

First, we invite you to check that the beneficiary of your payment is correct; perhaps you selected another beneficiary by mistake.

Then check that the money has not returned to your account due to a data entry error or a technical problem with your bank.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can check your situation together.

– You paid your rent late between the 10th and 15th of the current month.

The late payment of your rent will automatically generate the sending of a reminder. Please note that you have to pay before the 10th of each month. Sometimes the payment of the rent arrives after the sending of the reminders. In this case, we invite you to contact our teams in order to find an arrangement.

When will I receive my heating account?

The heating account will be drawn up no later than 4 months after the usual settlement date, either in April, June or December.  It is drawn up once the last heating-related invoices have been received.

You will therefore receive a copy of your statement; we remind you that the digital version is also available at any time on your renter portal.

In case of a balance in your favour, the amount will be paid directly into your bank account within 30 days after the statement has been sent. In this regard, please be sure to inform us of your bank details if you have not yet done so or if they change.

How do I know if my rent payment is up to date ?

Remember to log into your renter’s account to see if your rent is up to date. If you have not yet created your account, we invite you to do so. However, please make sure that you have provided us with your e-mail address before.

I want to create my tenant account 

I have financial troubles, what should I do?

If you are experiencing a pay cut, job loss or other financial problems, act quickly and contact us before the situation gets worse.

Depending on the severity of your situation, we may suggest that you delay your rent payments, set up a payment arrangement or seek help from specialized institutions.

If necessary, we invite you to read the list of services that can help you.

We did not answer your questions in our accounting FAQ ? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone 022 787 50 00 or by e-mail locations@regisseurs.ch

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by  Victoria Blondeau